Easter Atmosphere in Your City!



Easter City Decorations


First signs of spring always mean that joyful
moments are coming. Prepare your city for Easter
with the help of city decorations by Terra Group.
Color symbols of the holiday season will bring
citizens celebratory mood and make the city
space more attractive.


See what we prepared for you.


openwork egg

The most popular symbol of Easter in a little bit different
version. It is an amazingly delicate, openwork decoration in the
shape of an egg, which can easily help to create holiday
atmosphere. The spatial form makes the decoration eyecatching
regardless of its location. Precise, handmade products
are the guarantee of the unique decoration.

ModelDimensions (cm)Weight
EGG 40Ø 40 x 56 h1,1 kg
EGG 50Ø 50 x 78 h1,8 kg
EGG 75Ø 75 x 115 h3,8 kg
EGG 100Ø 100 x 150 h6,4 kg

1/2 egg

1/2 openwork egg

An openwork spatial decoration in a shape of the Easter
semi-egg. It can be effective as a single piece or a part of the
Easter composition. Thanks to reliable fiberglass material it
is made from, the decoration will stay in a perfect shape even
in the changeable early spring conditions.
Give your city beautiful Easter!

ModelDimensions (cm)Weight
EGG 1/2 40Ø 40 x 41 h0,7 kg
EGG 1/2 50Ø 50 x 53 h1,2 kg
EGG 1/2 75Ø 75 x 79 h2,5 kg
EGG 1/2 100Ø 100 x 102 h4,2 kg


openwork globus

A handmade openwork decoration in a shape of the ball.
It will effectively emphasize the importance of the Easter
holiday: it can be a single decoration or an element of some
bigger arrangement. Light and ethereal but resistant to the
unfavorable weather conditions of early spring.

ModelDimensions (cm)Weight
GLOBUS 25Ø 250,4 kg
GLOBUS 40Ø 400,8 kg
GLOBUS 50Ø 501,2 kg
GLOBUS 75Ø 752,6 kg
GLOBUS 100Ø 1004,4 kg
GLOBUS 130Ø 1309,6 kg
GLOBUS 160Ø 16012 kg
GLOBUS 190Ø 19015 kg

globus 1/2

1/2 openwork globus

A handmade, delicate openwork decoration in a shape of the
hemisphere. It is an attractive product as single individual
element but also as an element of some bigger composition.
Globus ½ is made from durable fiberglass, which is resistant to
unfavorable weather conditions of early spring. Moreover, it
gives a unique visual effect.

ModelWymiary (cm)Waga
GLOBUS 1/2 40Ø 40 x 19 h0,4 kg
GLOBUS 1/2 50Ø 50 x 25 h0,6 kg
GLOBUS 1/2 75Ø 75 x 37 h1,3 kg
GLOBUS 1/2 100Ø 100 x 50 h2,2 kg


glowing moon

You can create an original decoration with the help of an
illuminated element. Moon can become an unusual source of
light, a trendy interior décor not only during the Easter time. A
floor or hanging lamp? Choose your option and decide in what
way you want MOON to light your Easter up.

ModelDimensions (cm)Weight
MOON 40Ø 404 kg
MOON 50Ø 505 kg
MOON 60Ø 606,5 kg
MOON 40 RGBØ 404 kg
MOON 50 RGBØ 505 kg
MOON 60 RGBØ 606,5 kg

fiberglass egg

fiberglass beauty

An original decoration in a shape of an egg but also an ideal
completion of the unique Easter decoration. A solution for
people, who want to bring in a touch of some extraordinary ideas
to the Easter traditions. The product will fit in the offices, shops,
private places and other spaces.

ModelDimensions (cm)Weight
EGG SØ 20 x 30 h2 kg
EGG MØ 25 x 40 h3,5 kg
EGG LØ 50 x 75 h6 kg
EGG XLØ 65 x 100 h9 kg
EGG XXLØ 80 x 120 h12 kg
EGG XXXLØ 100 x 150 h18 kg
EGG 2MØ 145 x 220 h22 kg

2D bunny

openwork 2d bunny

A handmade openwork figure in the shape of the Easter bunny.
The decoration can be presented as an individual element as well
as the part of some bigger arrangement so it is just the perfect
choice for Easter! Moreover, the bunny is light and ethereal but
at the same time durable and resistant to even severe weather
conditions. It is an ideal element for the garden and open spaces.

ModelDimensions (cm)Weight
STANDING BUNNY106 x 1201,5 kg
SITTING BUNNY150 x 791,5 kg


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